VCC Introduction

Cutting cross multiple disciplines such as computer graphics, computer vision and visualization, Visual Computing Research Center (VCC) conducts deep research on 3D acquisition/understanding/modeling and visual analytics/computing, with applications in virtual reality, smart city, E-commercial, manufacture, education, art and entertainment.

VCC has a world-class research team with many of the researchers receiving their higher education from U.S., Canada, and Europe. The center enjoys close collaboration with leading universities and companies world-wide, playing a central role in bringing together research, education, industry, and government sectors that related to 3D technologies.

VCC publishes in top venues in all of the computer graphics, computer vision and visualization fields, such as ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia, ACM TOG and IEEE TVCG. For more details, please visit our Research page.

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Distinguished Professor, Director of the Visual Computing Research Centre, the recipient of 2015 NSFC Excellent Young Scientist Grant.
Distinguished Professor, National 1000 Plan Talent, the recipient of 2005 EUROGRAPHICS Outstanding Technical Contributions Award and 2012 National Friendship Award.
Assistant Professor
Research interests:Computer graphics, especially in shape analysis, geometry processing and fabrication.
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